Usage information about the server.


Since there's been some problems with the reliability of anti's internet-connection, the mail-service is now hosted at

Using the webmail:
If you want to use the webmail at anti, you can find it at
Use you whole email-address as your name, like "".

Using a email-client:
Use as both pop3 and smtp-server.
You have to activate authenticated smtp and, again, user your whole email-address as your login-name.
Since the move to surftown-hosted mail, you can also choose to use imap.

More info about how to set up your mail can be found under "support" at


Using ftp, upload your documents to and put it in your public_html folder.
Your site will have the address
If you have more than one site you will have several public_html folders with an extension describing which is which.

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